Quite the thinker.There are 3 things in this life that will give me tiny little anxiety attacks. First, when the traffic light turns yellow. Second, when anyone ask me, “What time is it?” Lastly, when anyone ask me to describe myself. Do I build myself up? Do I play coy and not say much to my character that can be taken as “frivolous” or “douchey” ? Or do I do the most embarrassing thing of all . . . be honest?

I’m a twenty something year old fella. I tend to look too hard at the things in my life, or I don’t look at all. I’m the most laid back guy in the world, or my head is just about to explode because the pressure of things I don’t understand. I’m looking for a comfortable spot between adulthood and slacker-hood. I’m beginning to believe no such place exist. I love creating. I’m addicted to music, food, the idea that I am good at creating both, and making people laugh. I aspire to write, but struggle with writer’s block and the pull of never ending “Law and Order” reruns. That’s why, if you notice, it takes me forever to write a new entry. I work with children who have absolutely no idea what I’m like in real life.

Thing is that I don’t really know what I’m like in real life. At least I don’t know if you ask me about it. I’m more of an experience, in that if you really want to know about me, truly, you’re going to have to find out for yourself.


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